The Commission on the Protection of the Black Sea Against Pollution

Permanent Secretariat

Baltic2Black Project - Workshop Sep 2011

Baltic2Black: Workshop "Assessment of eutrophication and nutrient pollution in the Black Sea and experiences from the Baltic Sea"

Istanbul, Turkey, 6-7 September 2011

List of participants


Valeria Abaza: Actions agreed upon under Bucharest Convention to reduce nutrient pollution to the Black Sea
Temel Oguz: Black Sea Eutrophication Status
Anthony Lehmann: Catchment modeling for estimating nutrient loads to the Black Sea
Mörth et al.: Catchment modeling for the support of estimating nutrient loads and response of the Baltic Sea ecosystem
Jesper H Andersen: Demonstration of the HEAT tool
Jesper H Andersen: HEAT demonstration_070911_Istanbul.xls
Valeria Abaza: Development and use of indicators for assessing eutrophication in the Black Sea
Ahmet Kideys (on behalf of Baris Salihoglu): Ecosystem modeling of the Black Sea for assessment of response of ecosystem on nutrient loads
Minna Pyhälä: Environmental challanges of the baltic sea and international cooperation
Jesper H Andersen: Eutrophication status of the Baltic Sea in the 2000'ies
Alexander Sokolov: Interactive demonstration of the on-line decision support tool NEST
Mihaela Popovici: MONERIS calculations for nutrient loads to the Black Sea from Danube river
Erol Cavus: Monitoring of Nutrient Loads to the Black Sea
Bo Gustaffson et al.: Nutrient load reduction scheme of the HELCOM Baltic Sea Action Plan
Minna Pyhälä: Present situation and future needs in HELCOM Monitoring
Juha-Markku Leppänen: Towards cost efficient monitoring of the marine environment Baltic Sea experiences and plans
Luminita Lazar: TRIX in Romanian Black Sea waters
Oleg Yunev: Use of satellite observations for the monitoring of chlorophyll a in the Black Sea
Lars Svendsen: Waterborne Nitrogen and Phosphorus loads to the Baltic Sea: 5th. Pollution Load Compilation
Volodymyr Myroshnychenko: Proposals for further work by the Baltic2Black workshop to be presented to attention of the BSC


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