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The Black Sea Commission

Chairman of the Commission
Chairman of the Commission MR. Pavel Gujurov
Mr. Pavel Gudzherov, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Environment and Water, Bulgaria

The Commission on the Protection of the Black Sea Against Pollution (the Black Sea Commission or BSC) via its Permanent Secretariat is the intergovernmental body established in implementation of the Convention on the Protection of the Black Sea Against Pollution (Bucharest Convention), its Protocols and the Strategic Action Plan for the Environmental Protection and Rehabilitation of the Black Sea (latest version adopted in 2009) [more info]

Please be informed that as of 23 August 2010 our mailing address has changed as follows:

Change of address notification

Oil Spill Preparedness Exercises in the Black Sea

In accordance with the articles of the Convention on the Protection of the Black Sea Against pollution and its Protocols the Contracting Parties have agreed to cooperate in protecting the marine environment of the Black Sea from potential damages arising from from emergency situations as well as combating pollution of the sea by oil and other harmful substances. The activities undertaken are described in detail here.

Some of the activities of the Black Sea Commission

Joint GFCM-BSC Workshop on IUU Fishing in the Black Sea (Istanbul, Turkey, 25-27 February 2013)

The Joint GFCM-BSC Workshop on IUU fishing was a first activity in the framework of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Black Sea Commission and the GFCM signed on 14th May, 2012 in Marrakech, Morocco, during the 36th Session of the General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean (GFCM).

The extent and the nature of Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) fishing were carefully assessed by the workshop participants.

A number of presentations were delivered which allowed participants to express their views and feed relevant information to the workshop. The consequences associated to IUU fishing were also examined together with measures available at international and regional level against it.

The National representatives presented the relevant IUU information, including data, legislation and current practices, based on the questionnaire circulated ahead of the workshop; the BSC PS representative made an overview of the regional fishing fleet.

The main outcome of the workshop was development of a roadmap identifying actions, objectives, means and actors of relevance for the Black Sea in order to fight IUU fishing.

Cooperation with BSEC

The 26th Meeting of the Council of Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC) was held in Belgrade on 11 June 2012. During the meeting, H.E. Ambassador Victor Tvircun from Moldova was elected as the new Secretary General of the BSEC Permanent International Secretariat. H.E. Ambassador Tvircun, who previously served as Minister of Education and Youth as well as Ambassador of Moldova in Ankara, assumed his duties as of 1 July 2012.

On the 19th of July, 2012 Prof. Halil Ibrahim Sur, the Executive Director of the Black Sea Commission’s Permanent Secretariat, paid a visit to the premises of the Headquarters of BSEC PERMIS in order to have an introductory meeting with H.E. Ambassador Victor Tvircun, the newly elected BSEC Executive Secretary. The Parties discussed the opportunities for future cooperation between the two organizations.

Regional Workshop on Implementation of International Dumping Agreements in the Black Sea Region

Istanbul, Turkey, 23-25 February 2011. [more info ...]

Round the Black Sea

Following the historical tour of the Black Sea countries described in Jules Verne's famous book Kéraban le Têtu (Kéraban the Inflexible) the sailing boat Gyatso, manned by David Barker and Lisa Borre is repeating this historical tour to spread the word of the uniqueness of the Black Sea as well as our efforts to protect its environment. Follow the blog of Gyatso's round the Black Sea tour here 

Conference launching the Black Sea Environment Partnership Brussels, 15-16th March 2010

[more info]


Meeting of the Contracting Parties to the Convention on the Protection of the Black Sea Against Pollution, 16 - 17 April 2009, Sofia, Bulgaria.

[more info] [meeting documents adopted]

TU-BENA Office Opening

TU-BENA Office Opening

On 16th September 2015 it was organised the Official opening of the new National Turkish Bureau of BENA (TU-BENA) in the Urban and Environmental Planning and Research Centre of Istanbul Technical University (ITU). The opening was made by the Vice Rector of ITU Prof. Dr. Ali Fuat Aydin. The new Chair of TU-BENA Prof. Dr. A. Yildizci replace the retiring Chair Prof. Dr. H. H. Tok. To Prof. Dr. H. H. Tok was awarded by the President of the International Board of BENA, Prof. Dr. F. K. Vosniakos the Diploma of Excellence for his 15 years fruitful contribution to BENA in Turkey. The TU-BENA consists of the Chair Prof. Dr. A. Yildiaci, Vice-Chair Ass. Prof. Dr. Η. Ε. Tuncay and its members Prof. Dr. Y. Kurucu, Ass. Prof. Dr. N. Ciliz, Prof. Dr. O. Demirel and Ass. Prof. Dr C. Y. Demec

The opening was honored by the Vice-President of BENA International Board Dr. C. Zanbak and the Secretariat of the BENA International S. E. Europe Research, Dr. M. Golumbeanu.



MEDCOAST 15, 06-10 Oct 2015, Varna, Bulgaria

MEDCOAST 15, 06-10 Oct 2015, Golden Sands, Varna, Bulgaria  

The twelfth event of the MEDCOAST's biennial international conference series on the Mediterranean Coastal Environment (MEDCOAST 15) will take place at the premises of the ultra-all-inclusive Grifid Bolero Hotel at Golden Sands, Varna, Bulgaria during 06-10 October 2015. The web page of the conference is at the address ( The deadline for online abstract submission will expire on 15 May 2015.

Since the first conference in 1993, the past eleven events of the MEDCOAST conference series have brought together researchers, planners, designers, managers, policy makers, national and local administrators, developers and NGOs from a wide spectrum of nationalities, who have interest in coastal and marine science, conservation, policy and management in general and in the Mediterranean, Black and Caspian seas in particular.

All papers presented (oral or poster) in the MEDCOAST conferences are peer-reviewed and printed in the proceedings which are covered by the major conference proceedings indexing systems such as the ISI Thomson, Scopus and Compendex. Authors of the selected papers from the proceedings are invited for thematic special issues of the leading coastal and marine journals.

All interested people are invited to upload on-line their abstract(s) by 15 May, following the instructions provided at the conference web page and to be with us at Golden Sands, Varna in October for a rewarding and enjoyable international gathering.


Important dates:

  • Online abstract submission deadline :           15 May 2015
  • Notification of accepted abstracts :                31 May 2015
  • Deadline for proposing special sessions :     15 July 2015
  • Full manuscript submission deadline :           30 July 2015



A. Coastal systems, Conservation issues

Geography, geology, geomorphology, sedimentology;

Coastal oceanography;

Coastal and marine ecosystems, biology and ecology;

Marine mammals, endangered species;

Conservation issues, biodiversity, exotic & invasive species;

Coastal ecosystems management;

Rehabilitation of damaged ecosystems;

Coastal and marine protected areas;

Coastal landscapes;



B. Integrated Coastal Management (ICM)


Theoretical framework and case reports;

Coastal management tools and instruments, databases;

Coastal and marine policy, science and policy integration;

Coastal governance, institutional arrangements;

International efforts and programs in ICM;

Legal, economic and social issues;

Environmental / ecological economics;

Education, public involvement & NGO role, media role;

Evaluation of ICM impacts, coastal management indicators;

Demonstration pilot projects;



C. Coastal management issues


Coastal and submarine archaeology, management of ancient sites, monuments and ship wrecks;

Coastal wetlands, dunes, estuaries, deltas and lagoons;

Beaches and their management;

Coastal water resources and watershed management;

Water quality management, water and sediment pollution, land based sources, hazardous wastes, algal blooms, bio- indicators of pollution and monitoring, pollution control;

Marine litter, solid wastes management;

Trans-boundary pollution issues, legal context;

Environmental impacts, coastal degradation, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA);

Disaster prevention, mitigation and management;

Climate change impacts and adaptation strategies;



D. Sustainable development of coastal/marine areas


Sustainable development concerns, indicators, sustainable development of coastal and marine resources;

Blue economy issues, Integrated Marine Policy (IMP), coastal and maritime spatial planning (CMSP);

Urban development issues, waterfront renovation;

Coastal tourism planning and management, ecotourism, recreation, marine tourism;

Living resources, fisheries, mariculture;

Marine transportation issues, oil transport;

Marine energy issues;

Sitting of major industrial facilities;



E. Coastal engineering, Modelling, Decision support systems, Data management


Coastal, environmental and ecosystem modelling;

Coastal hydrodynamics;

Coastal sediment transport and erosion;

Coastal processes and erosion, shoreline management;

Coastal and ecocoastal engineering;

Water level changes, sea level rise and consequences;

Coastal and marine monitoring, databases, SDI;

Use of remote sensing technology and geographic information systems in coastal management.



Prof. Dr. Galina Shtereva, Scientific Secretary of the Institute of Oceanology - Varna, Bulgaria passed away

We have lost Prof. Dr. Galina Shtereva, Scientific Secretary of the Institute of Oceanology - Varna, Bulgaria

  28th April 2015

We inform with a great sadness that on the 28th April, a prominent scientist, Prof Dr. Galina Shtereva, Scientific Secretary of the Institute of Oceanology of Bulgaria - BAS, Head of the Marine Chemistry Department and a renowned expert on chemistry of marine waters, passed away. Her dedication to the Black Sea and her scientific achievements cannot be underestimated. On behalf of the Black Sea Commission and its Permanent Secretariat, we express deepest and sincerest condolescences to her family and friends. Let her rest in peace.

BENA-CERN Meeting in Geneva

BENA-CERN Meeting in Geneva

During 5-7 March the President and the Scientific Secretary of ISSE/BENA invited to CERN (European Center of Nuclear Research) to discuss possibility of collaboration between BENAand CERN on the following proposing by BENA topics:

  1.  B.EN.A Members to have the possibility to collaborate with various working groupsof CERN and particular with the Environmental Group of CERN. The actual way howthis will be realized is a matter that we define in due time.
  2.  TRAINING: BENA will provide its infrastructure in Romania, Serbia, FYR Macedonia,Bulgaria, Croatia, Albania and B.EN.A members specialists with CERN experts tovarious topics in order to teach local teachers, etc focusing to upgrade theirknowledge on: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Ecology, Informatics, etc. CERN will coverdirectly the expenses, (paying directly to the teachers, administratives andtechnicians).
  3.  WORKSHOPS: CERN and B.EN.A will co-organize in different domains, in variouscities – countries workshops aiming each time to different participants (publicservants, private companies, international bodies, etc). B.EN.A will take theresponsibility of the organization of the workshops and CERN will cover thenecessary expenses.
  4.  CONFERENCES: CERN – B.EN.A will organize an annual Conference every 2 years(starting from 2016 in CERN Geneva) relating to ENVIRONMENT AND MEDICINE(PUBLIC HEALTH). This Conference could be in different country after 2016.

The meeting with the Environmental Group (Unit) of CERN after long discussions and mutualunderstanding with the presence of the Deputy Head of International Relations of CERNdecided to proceed with the signature of MoU between BENA and CERN focusing to theabove 4 topics which BENA proposed from the beginning and CERN accepted with pleasure.

Meeting with Env.Group of CERN and the Dept.Head of
International Relations with BENA representatives
Meeting with the General Director Dr.R.D.Heuer, Dept.Head of
Int.Relations Prof.E.Tsesmelis and President and Scientific
Secretariat of BENA, Prof.F.Vosniakos and Dr.M.Golumbeanu

Bena conferences in 2015

BENA conferences announcement

  5th BENA International Conference on Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Development, University “1 December 1918”, Alba Iulia, Romania, 28-30 May 2015.

  BENA International Conference “Sea and Coastal Development in the frame of Sustainability- MACODESU2015” , Kara Deniz University, Trabzon, Turkey, 18-20 September 2015.

  BENA International Conference “Marine and Fresh Water Ecology and Protection”, Tuscia University of Viterbo, Italy, 2-4 October 2015.

30th Regular Meeting of the Commission on the Protection of the Black Sea Against Pollution

The 30th Regular Meeting of the Commission on the Protection of the Black Sea Against Pollution was held on 19–20 November, 2014 in the premises of its Permanent Secretariat in Istanbul, Turkey.

The agenda and outcomes of the open session of this meeting you may find at the online section of our web page

Celebrating the Black Sea Day 2014

Celebrating the Black Sea Day 2014

The Black Sea community celebrated the Black Sea Day 2014!

It continues to be a good tradition every year, since the first Strategic Action Plan for the Rehabilitation and Protection of the Black Sea was signed by all riparian countries of the Black Sea on the 31st of October back in 1996 in Istanbul. Since then this important event is commemorated every year in different coastal cities around the Black Sea.

A good tradition to present the Black Sea Medal Awards for the outstanding individual efforts to protect the marine environment of the Black Sea was established and it is being presented every year to one individual from each riparian country around the Black Sea.

y means of organizing such events we try to attract the attention of scientists, politicians, decision-makers and just a wider public to the day-by-day activities related to the protection of the Black Sea. This year we hold these celebrations under support of our partners – projects aimed at supporting the Black Sea regional cooperation - EMBLAS Project: Improving Environmental Monitoring in the Black Sea; PERSEUS Project: Policy-oriented marine Environmental Research for the Southern European Seas;
IRIS-SES Project: Integrated Regional Monitoring Implementation Strategy in the South European Seas and MISIS Project: MSFD Guiding improvements in the Black Sea Integrated Monitoring System. They presented their achievements to the attention of the Black Sea Commission and our guests from various organizations from the Black Sea coast and beyond.

The celebrations were held on the 3rd November, 2014 in Istanbul at Point Hotel Taksim.

Black sea Alpha Exercise - 2014

The Black Sea Alpha Exercise 2014 was successfully comleted.

BS Alpha 2014BS Alpha 2014BS Alpha 2014BS Alpha 2014

The Exercise report may be viewed here. You may download the report here.

Celebrating the Black Sea Day 2013

The celebrations were organized back-to-back with the 4th Biennial Scientific Conference BS-GES 2013 in Mamaia, Romania on 31st October, 2013.

Black Sea Day 2013 Black Sea Day 2013 Black Sea Day 2013 Black Sea Day 2013 Black Sea Day 2013 Black Sea Day 2013

  • approximately 100 participants from Romania and the other Black Sea countries: officials, scientists, stakeholders, NGOs.

Topics discussed:

  •  project Baltic2Black of BSC PS;
  •  FP7 PERSEUS project;
  • new options to extend the monitoring program of the Black Sea using remote sensing and automated systems;
  • activities of the GFCM Black Sea Working Group for 2012-2013;
  • Adverse Fisheries Impacts on Cetacean Populations in the Black Sea;
  • program for sturgeons revival in the Danube River Basin and adjacent Black Sea;
  • activities implemented by the Junior Ranger Club in the Marine Reserve 2 Mai-Vama Veche, Romania;
  • climate change impact on marine and coastal environment - movie was broadcasted.

This year the follewing prominent scientists were awarded with the Black Sea Medals for their contribution to the protection of the Black Sea environment.

  1. Mr. Atanas PALAZOV, Bulgaria;
  2. Mr. Amiran GIGINEISHVILI, Georgia;
  3. Mr. Gheorghe RADU, Romania;
  4. Mr. Yuriy YURENKO, Russian Federation;
  5. Mr. Mehmet BAŞ, Turkey;
  6. Ms.Natalia MOVCHAN, Ukraine
more information on the Black Sea Medals awards

4th Bi-annual Black Sea Scientific Conference

4th Bi-annual Black Sea Scientific Conference - "Black Sea - Challenges Towards Good Environmental Status (BS-GES)"

Announcement of the 4 BS Scientific Conference

4th Biennial BS Scientific Conference was held on 28-31st October 2013, in Flora Hotel, Mamaia, Romania.

[Abstracts Book]

The Conference sessions:

  1. Pollution and eutrophication.
  2. Biodiversity and ecosystem functioning.
  3. Socio-economic impact on marine environment.
  4. Integrated Coastal Zone Management.
  5. Climate change and its impact on marine ecosystem.
  6. Ecosystem modeling.

4th Biannual Black Sea Scientific Conference 4th Biannual Black Sea Scientific Conference

The objectives of the 4th Biannual Black Sea Scientific Conference were the following:

  • Provide the opportunity to the scientific community to meet and to discuss their achievements in order to improve scientific basis for the implementation of the Black Sea Strategic Action Plan;
  • Update the knowledge on the Black Sea ecosystems identifying the gaps in the scientific data/information; revise the environment priorities and way forward to achieve good environmental status of the Black Sea;
  • Discuss and assess the climate forcing mechanisms of physical, biological and biogeochemical processes at various time-spatial scales;
  • Review the decision-support tools available in the Black Sea region and give recommendations for further developments and their use in the implementation of the BS SAP;
  • Continue the integration of science in decision-making in the field of marine environment protection.

4th Biannual Black Sea Scientific Conference 4th Biannual Black Sea Scientific Conference 4th Biannual Black Sea Scientific Conference 4th Biannual Black Sea Scientific Conference 4th Biannual Black Sea Scientific Conference

The main topics of the 4th Bi-annual Black Sea Scientific Conference :

  •  oil pollution and oil spills;
  •  land-based sources of pollution;
  •  eutrophication;
  •  contamination of water, sediments and biota (reference condition, target levels);
  •  methodologies for water quality towards GES;
  •  environmental aspects of shipping;
  •  plankton and benthic populations: long-term changes, distribution patterns and trends;
  •  non-native species: trends in occurrence, spatial and temporal distribution;
  •  food webs structure and functioning; long-term changes and trends;
  •  marine habitats: present status and trends; habitats classification and mapping;
  • reference conditions and environmental targets;
  •  biodiversity indicators development towards good environmental status of the Black Sea;
  • Fisheries and aquaculture, tourism, exploration and exploitation of non-living resources, oil and gas industry, alternative energy;
  •  Marine industries and urban development; policy and management options for recovery of the Black Sea resources;
  •  Maritime spatial planning;
  •  State of the Black Sea coast;
  •  Marine and coastal protected areas;
  •  Coastal erosion;
  •  Change in CO2 fluxes, carbon sequestration, biogeochemical cycles, acidification, hydrology, hydrophysics;
  •  Recent ecosystem modelling activities in the Black Sea region.

The Conference was jointly organized by the Black Sea Commission, Ministry of Environment and Climate Changes of Romania and National Institute for Marine Research and Development "Grigore Antipa" Constanta. Back-to-back with this important scientific event for the Black Sea region, other two activities were organized: Celebration of International Black Sea Day and the 6th edition of the NIMRD International Symposium "Protection and Sustainable Management of the Black Sea Ecosystem - 3rd Millennium Imperative".


Participants in the events:

  • Approximately 150 scientists and stakeholders
  • 52 oral presentations
  • 90 posters

The Conclusions and Recommendations of the Conference

  • Continue the harmonization process in the Black Sea region in term of monitoring and assessment of marine environment in order to define GES for the Black Sea and ensure the data availability;
  • Strengthen the collaboration between science, industry, other stakeholders and decision-makers for the same purpose;
  •  Continue and strengthen the collaboration within the scientific community towards common goal of protecting the marine environment;
  • Need for further application of holistic ecosystem-based approach and international joint actions for better management of the marine environment.

4th BSC-HELCOM Workshop on Eutrophication and Pollution and Pre-meeting

The 4th BSC-HELCOM Workshop on eutrophication and pollution and pre-meeting was held on 26-28th November, 2013 in Istanbul, Turkey. This expert workshop was titled „Towards reaching a good status of the Baltic and Black Seas: lessons learnt in Baltic2Black and ways forward”. The workshop was preceded by a short meeting on 26 November 2013 to plan the future cooperation between Baltic Sea and Black Sea networks.

The overall aim of the workshop is to continue exchange of knowledge and learning from the long experience gained in the Baltic Sea and the Black Sea on the semi-enclosed brackish-water ecosystems.

A secondary aim of the workshop is to summarize the results of the activities implemented during the three years of the EU funded Baltic2Black Project concerning the best practices in assessing eutrophication, developing common indicators and nutrient reduction scheme.

The Commissions are confident that it is extremely important to maintain the dialogue created between the experts from both regions, encouraging them to continue the collaboration beyond the life time of this project.

Legend :

[t] - tentative

[c] - confirmed

[p] - postponed

BSC Event

Other event

Official Holiday

Upcoming events:

see also: the Black Sea Commission calendar
Calendar This Month
Date Event Status Documents
2-4 Oct 5th BENA International Conference on Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Development,, Viterbo, Italy, Tuscia University confirmed  
11-13 Sep BENA International Conference “Sea and Coastal Development in the frame of Sustainability- MACODESU2015”, Trabzon, Turkey, Kara Deniz University, confirmed  
28-30 May BENA International Conference “Marine and Fresh Water Ecology and Protection”, Alba Iulia, Romania, University “1 December 1918” confirmed  
2-3 Apr Joint 25 PMA/20th LBS Meeting, Istanbul, Turkey, to be determined confirmed  
31-1 Mar Joint 20 CBD/18 FOMLR Meeting, Istanbul, Turkey, to be determined confirmed  
5-5 Nov EMBLAS Steering Committee Meeting, Istanbul, Turkey, to be determined confirmed  
4-4 Nov EMBLAS I and II Meetings, Istanbul, Turkey, to be determined confirmed  
3-3 Nov Celebration of the Black Sea Day, Istanbul, Turkey, to be determined confirmed  
15-15 Oct 19th Meeting of the LBS AG, Istanbul, Turkey, Permanent Secretariat confirmed  
14-14 Oct 18th Meetings of the ICZM AG, Istanbul, Turkey, Permanent Secretariat confirmed  
13-13 Oct 17th Meeting of the FOMLR AG, Istanbul, Turkey, Permanent Secretariat confirmed  
1-2 Oct 24th Meeting of the PMA AG, Istanbul, Turkey  confirmed  
30-1 Sep 19th Meeting of CBD AG/Joint Workshop on GES and monitoring revision, Istanbul, Turkey  confirmed  
20-21 Nov 29th Regular Meeting of the Commission on the Protection of the Black Sea Against Pollution, Istanbul, Turkey, to be determined confirmed  
11-12 Nov Meeting of the AG FOMLR Group, Istanbul, Turkey, to be determined confirmed  
31-31 Oct International Black Sea Day Celebration, Constanta, Romania  confirmed  
28-30 Oct 4th Biannual Scientific Conference, Constanta, Romania, Constanta, Romania  confirmed  
11-11 Oct 18 LBS AG Meeting, Istanbul, Turkey, Permanent Secretariat confirmed  
9-10 Oct Expert Workshop on Eutrophication and Nutrient Pollution, Istanbul, Turkey, Permanent Secretariat confirmed  
7-8 Oct 23rd Meeting of the PMA AG, Istanbul, Turkey, Permanent Secretariat confirmed  
24-25 Sep 22nd Meeting of the ESAS AG, Istanbul, Turkey, Permanent Secretariat confirmed  
11-12 Sep 17th Meeting of the ICZM AG, Istanbul, Turkey, to be determined confirmed  
10-12 Sep Joint Meeting of CBD AG and ICZM AG, Istanbul, Turkey, Permanent Secretariat confirmed  
10-12 Sep 18th Meeting of the CBD AG, Istanbul, Turkey, Permanent Secretariat confirmed  
14-14 May 3rd Meeting of the Ad Hoc Group on Amendments of the Internal Documents of the Commission, Istanbul, Turkey, to be determined confirmed">Link >>
13-14 Feb CBD AG/MISIS Project Workshop, Istanbul, Turkey  confirmed  
12-12 Feb CBD AG Meeting, Istanbul, Turkey  confirmed  
31-1 Jan Baltic2Black Workshop, Istanbul, Turkey, Permanent Secretariat confirmed  
30-30 Jan Black Sea - Danube Joint Technical Working Group Meeting, Istanbul, Turkey, Permanent Secretariat confirmed  
17-18 Jan ESAS AG/OSPRI Workshop on Effective Oil Spill Exercise Management, Istanbul, Turkey  confirmed  
15-16 Jan ESAS AG Meeting, Istanbul, Turkey  confirmed  
5-7 Dec PEGASO Visioning Workshop, Istanbul, Turkey  confirmed  
4-4 Dec ICZM AG Meeting, Istanbul, Turkey  confirmed  
21-22 Nov 28 Regular Meeting of the Black Sea Commission, Istanbul, Turkey  confirmed  
31-31 Oct International Black Sea Day, Batumi, Georgia  confirmed  
3-3 Oct Expert Workshop on nutrient pollution (Baltic2Black) - with LBS AG, Istanbul, Turkey  confirmed  
2-2 Oct LBS AG Meeting, Istanbul, Turkey  confirmed  
25-11 Sep The Ninth International Training Workshop, Dalyan, Turkey  confirmed Link >>
20-21 Sep 2nd Expert Workshop on Eutrophication Assessment in the Black Sea and exepriences from the Baltic Sea, Istanbul, Turkey  confirmed  
18-19 Sep PMA AG Meeting, Istanbul, Turkey  confirmed  
4-5 Sep FOMLR AG Meeting & Cedaceans Workshop, Istanbul, Turkey  confirmed  
29-29 Jun Danube Day   confirmed Link >>
28-29 Jun ACCOBAMS Regional Workshop for Black Sea countries, Istanbul, Turkey  confirmed  
23-27 Jun INSPIRE Conference 2012 "Sharing environmental information, sharing innovation", Istanbul, Turkey  confirmed Link >>
21-24 Jun The International Conference of B.EN.A entitled: ''Sustainable Landscape Planning and Safe Environment'' will be held in Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey  confirmed Link >>
12-14 Jun MEECE Final Project Meeting, Istanbul, Turkey  confirmed Link >>
6-7 Jun BONUS Advisory Board meeting, Helsinki, Finland  confirmed  
6-7 Jun ODEMM Advisory Board meeting, Edinburgh, UK  confirmed  
28-1 May IMO/BSC workshop on oil pollution compensation, Bulgaria  confirmed  
18-20 Apr The enviroGRIDS Full Project Meeting 2012, Sofia, Bulgaria  confirmed Link >>
26-28 Feb CoCoNet Kick-off and Advisory Board meeting, Rome, Italy  confirmed  
21-23 Feb 6th Meeting on the Marine Strategy Coordination Group (MSCG), Brussels, Belgium  confirmed  
21-23 Feb EMODNet Physical Parameters Workshop in the Black Sea, Istanbul, Turkey  confirmed  
7-7 Feb Fifth Progress meeting on ur-EMODNET preparatory actions, Brussels, Belgium  confirmed  
16-19 Jan PERSEUS Kick-off and Advisory Board meeting, Istanbul, Turkey  confirmed Link >>
1-1 Dec 1st Meeting of the Black Sea Commission MONINFO Steering Committee, Istanbul, Turkey, BSCPS Premises confirmed Link >>
22-24 Nov The 27th Regular Meeting of the Commission, Istanbul, Turkey  confirmed Link >>
11-13 Nov International Environmental Conference Environmental Capacity Building, ,Bucharest, Romania  confirmed  
1-4 Nov 3rd Black Sea Biannual Scientific Conference BS-OUTLOOK   confirmed  
31-31 Oct Black Sea Day Celebrations, ,Odessa, Ukraine  confirmed  
31-31 Oct Black Sea Day   confirmed  
26-28 Oct IMO-GloBallast/Rep. of Turkey R&D Forum on Ballast Water Management, Istanbul, Turkey  confirmed  
25-29 Oct The Tenth International Conference on the Mediterranean Coastal Environment, ,Rhodes, Greece  confirmed Link >>
11-13 Oct ESAS AG Meeting   confirmed  
6-6 Oct CBD AG Meeting   confirmed  
5-5 Oct ICZM and CBD AG Joint Meeting   confirmed  
4-4 Oct ICZM AG Meeting   confirmed  
26-27 Sep 2-day practical seminar on EU Funding & Programmes for Turkish Organisations, Istanbul, Turkey  confirmed Link >>
23-23 Sep EnviroGRIDS workshop "Bringing GEOSS Services into Practice", Istanbul, Turkey  confirmed Link >>
21-22 Sep EnviroGRIDS WPL meeting, Istanbul, Turkey  confirmed  
19-23 Sep First International Sustainable Watershed Management Conference (SuWaMa), ,Istanbul, Turkey  confirmed Link >>
19-20 Sep FOMLR AG Meeting   confirmed  
15-15 Sep Operational Black Sea DeltaRegional Exercise – GEODELTA 2011, ,Batumi, Georia  confirmed  
12-17 Sep Seminar Series on Partnerships for Sustainable Development, Venice, Italy  confirmed Link >>
12-14 Sep ODINBlackSea Steering committee meeting and ODINECET workshop, Sevastopol, Ukraine  tentative  
8-9 Sep LBS AG meetin   confirmed  
7-11 Sep Marine Ecosystem Evolution in a Changing Environment, Summer School 2011, ,Ankara, Turkey  confirmed Link >>
6-7 Sep BSC-HELCOM workshop on eutrophication and nutrient pollution in the Black Sea   confirmed  
5-5 Sep PMA AG & Bathing water experts meeting   confirmed  
20-22 Jul Regional Training Course on Port Biological Baseline Surveys, ,Batumi, Georgia  confirmed  
4-9 Jul PEGASO Project 2nd General Meeting, ,Tulcea, Romania  tentative Link >>
30-30 Jun The 25th Extraordinary Meeting of the Commission, Istanbul, Turkey  confirmed  
30-30 Jun Black Sea Commission's Extraordinary Meeting, , Istanbul, Turkey  confirmed  
22-23 Jun Dablas-Black Sea Commission regional meeting on Developing Environmental Infrastructure Projects in the Water and Waste Water Sector in the Black Sea Region in the context of River Basin Management, , Istanbul, Turkey  confirmed  
19-25 Jun 11th International Multidisciplinary Scientific Geo-Conference and Expo - SGEM 2011 (Surveying Geology & mining Ecology Management)., , Albena, Bulgaria  confirmed Link >>
19-26 Jun Seminar Series on Partnerships for Sustainable Development, ,Istanbul, Turkey  confirmed Link >>
14-15 Jun MEECE Project Science meeting, ,San Sebastian, Spain  confirmed Link >>
8-10 Jun 2nd MONINFO Project Stakeholders Meeting and Geo-Delta Preparatory actions, , Istanbul, Turkey  confirmed  
30-31 May Ministerial Meeting / Meeting of the BSEC Working Group on Environment, ,Bucharest, Romania  confirmed  
3-5 May Istanbul Water Forum, the 5th World Water Forum Secretariat, , Istanbul, Turkey  confirmed Link >>
3-7 May HYPOX Project 2nd annual meeting, , Lucerne, Switzerland  confirmed Link >>
3-5 May 10th Meeting of Focal Points of the Regional Marine Pollution Emergency Response Centre for the Mediterranean Sea (REMPEC), ,Malta  confirmed Link >>
27-28 Apr Extraordinary BSC Meeting, ,Istanbul, Turkey  confirmed  
20-21 Apr EnviroGRIDS full project meeting, , Delft, The Netherlands  confirmed Link >>
18-20 Apr TRACECA SASEPOL Meeting - Working Meeting, SASEPOL Regional Working Group, ,Odessa, Ukraine  confirmed  
18-19 Apr OpenWater Workshops and Symposium, , Delft, The Netherlands  confirmed Link >>
11-15 Apr UBSS WP9 DQC Workshops + Plenary Meeting, , Rhodes Island, Greece  confirmed  
7-8 Apr MyOcean: Core Users Group Meeting, , Stockholm, Sweden  confirmed  
7-9 Mar IMO/WMU OSR congress/conference, , Malmo, Swewden  confirmed Link >>
1-1 Mar 7th Inter-Secretariat Meeting between Regional Agreements, EMSA and DG ECHO, Malta  tentative  
28-4 Feb Training Workshop for all partners for analysis and QC tools, , Ostend, Belgium at IODE Programme  confirmed  
23-25 Feb Dumping workshop in Turkey, , Ankara, Turkey  tentative  
23-25 Feb 2nd KnowSeas Scienitfic Workshop, , Istanbul, Turkey  confirmed  
10-11 Feb CASPINFO meeting, , Istanbul, Turkey  confirmed  
1-2 Feb Every Drop Matters (EDM) Workshop, , Istanbul, Turkey  confirmed  
1-2 Feb RWG Meeting, SASEPOL Regional Working Group, , Istanbul, Turkey  confirmed  
25-26 Jan 23rd Regular Meeting of the BSC, , Istanbul, Turkey  confirmed  
9-10 Dec 13th ICPDR Ordinary Meeting, , Vienna, Austria  confirmed  
9-10 Dec Meeting of the BSEC Working Group, , Istanbul, Turkey  confirmed  
1-1 Dec National Day, Romania   confirmed  
30-2 Nov 19th ESAS Meeting, , Istanbul, Turkey  confirmed  
26-27 Nov Black Sea Economic Forum, , Yalta, Ukraine  confirmed Link >>
24-26 Nov UPGRADE BLACK SEA SCENE Project meeting, Istanbul, Turkey  confirmed  
15-19 Nov Kurban Bayram Holidays   confirmed  
10-11 Nov Integrated Coastal Zone and River Basin Management in South-East Europe, , Ljubljana, Slovenia  confirmed Link >>
9-12 Nov Fourth Meeting of the Parties to the ACCOBAMS, , Monaco, Hotel Meridien Beach Plaza confirmed  
9-12 Nov ACCOBAMS Fourth Meeting of the Contracting Parties, , Monaco  confirmed Link >>
1-5 Nov 14th International Conference on Harmful Algae, Crete, Greece, Creta & Terra Maris Convention & Golf Resort in Hersononissos-CRETE confirmed Link >>
1-2 Nov Strategic Action Plan for the Black Sea Seminar. National Black Sea Day Activities in Romania, ,Constanta, Romania  confirmed  
31-2 Oct International Black Sea Action Day, , Trabzon, Turkey  confirmed Link >>
29-29 Oct Republic Day, Turkey   confirmed  
29-30 Oct MONINFO Stakeholders and Advisory Board Meeting, , Istanbul  confirmed  
28-28 Oct Regional Workshop on the Anti-Fouling Systems Convention, , Odessa, Ukraine  confirmed  
27-28 Oct International Black Sea Day celebrations, Constanta, Romania, , Constanta, Romania  confirmed  
27-29 Oct CASPINFO project meeting, Amsterdam, Netherlands  confirmed  
26-27 Oct Seminar on the Strategic Action Plan for the Environmental Protection of the Black Sea 2009 (SAP), , Constanta, Romania  confirmed Link >>
22-22 Oct 2nd Meeting of the Ad hoc Expert Group on item 8 of the Ministerial Declaration, Sofia, 2009, Istanbul, Turkey  confirmed  
20-21 Oct FOMLR Meeting, Istanbul, Turkey  confirmed  
18-29 Oct Tenth Meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (COP 10), , Nagoya, Japan  confirmed Link >>
12-14 Oct CBD and zooplankton Meeting, Istanbul, Turkey  confirmed  
11-12 Oct High Level Black Sea eMaritime Conference 2010, , Varna, Bulgaria  tentative Link >>
7-9 Oct Tenth Jubilee International Conference on Marine Sciences and Technologies - BLACK SEA 2010  , Varna, Bulgaria confirmed Link >>
4-6 Oct LBS Meeting, Istanbul, Turkey  tentative  
4-5 Oct ESF MPA meeting , , Paris  confirmed  
3-5 Oct GEF-UNDP-IMO GloBallast Partnerships Programme 2nd Global Task Force Meeting / IMO-UNEP Forum, , London  confirmed  
1-1 Oct ICZM Meeting, ,Istanbul, Turkey  confirmed  
1-3 Oct Seminar Series - Partnerships for Sustainable Development   confirmed  
30-30 Sep FP7 KnowSeas Project, 2nd Advisory Board Meeting, ,Brussels, Belgium  confirmed  
29-30 Sep PABSEC 35 Evironmental Committee meeting, , Kiev  confirmed  
27-27 Sep 30th German Nature Conservation Day 2010, "Marine Protection at the borders of the European Union - coordination and prospects"   confirmed  
26-30 Sep Seminal Series - Partnerships for Sustainable Development   confirmed  
23-24 Sep Brokerage Event for Marine Research in the 7th Framework Programme, Istanbul, Turkey, Hotel Ramada Plaza, Halaskargazi Cad. 63, 34373 Osmanbey-Sisli confirmed Link >>
20-22 Sep 12th Global Meeting of the Regional Seas Convention and Action Plans, , Bergen, Norway  confirmed  
16-16 Sep Towards a European Network of Marine Observatories for Monitoring and Research, , Brussels, Belgium  confirmed Link >>
16-16 Sep 2nd Marine Board Biennial Forum “Towards a European Network of Marine Observatories for Monitoring and Research”, Brussels, Belgium  confirmed  
15-17 Sep PMA Meeting, Istanbul, Turkey  confirmed  
15-17 Sep GEF Working Group Meeting, , Oban, Scotland  confirmed  
14-30 Sep Eight International Training Workshop on Integrated Coastal Management in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea (MEDCOAST Institute 2010) , , Dalyan, Turkey  confirmed Link >>
8-11 Sep Ramazan Bayram Holidays   confirmed  
7-11 Sep International scientific conference "Functioning and Evolution of Ecosystems of the Azov-Black Sea Basin under Conditions of Global Climate Change", Katsiveli, Crimea, Ukraine, Experimental Branch of Marine Hydrophysical Institute confirmed  
5-11 Sep World Water Week, , Stockholm, Sweden  tentative  
30-30 Aug Victory Day, Turkey   confirmed  
24-24 Aug Independence Day, Ukraine   confirmed  
20-20 Jul Meeting with Odesa University officials for the PMA work, , Odesa, Ukraine  tentative  
19-21 Jul IMO Ballast Water Training/Workshop, , Odesa, Ukraine  tentative  
16-19 Jul International conference "Global and Regional Climate Changes", Kyiv, Ukraine  confirmed  
8-9 Jul 2nd Meeting of the Working Group on Financial Management   confirmed  
29-30 Jun Training on satellite images for Oil spills, , Istanbul  confirmed  
28-28 Jun Constitution Day, Ukraine   confirmed  
28-28 Jun 2nd AIS meeting, , Istanbul  confirmed  
24-24 Jun PASODOBLE Air quality kick-off meeting , , Oberpfaffenhofen / Wessling, Germany  confirmed  
21-22 Jun Phytoplankton Workshop for the BS-SCENE Project , , Istanbul  tentative  
20-27 Jun Seminar Series - Partnerships for Sustainable Development   confirmed  
15-15 Jun First Meeting of the ad hoc Expert Group on the Implementation of Item 8 of the Sofia Declaration 2009   confirmed  
12-12 Jun Independence Day, Russia   confirmed  
7-9 Jun 7th EMSA CleanSeaNet (CSN) User Group Meeting and 13th EGEMP Meeting, , Ispra, Italy  confirmed  
7-9 Jun 13th EGEMP - European Group of Experts on satellite Monitoring and assessment of sea-based oil Pollution, , Ispra, Italy  confirmed  
1-3 Jun Second GloBallast Regional Task Force Meeting / Regional Harmonization Workshop on Management Approaches, , Istanbul  confirmed  
1-3 Jun CASPINFO Meeting, , Almaty, Kazakhistan  confirmed Link >>
28-28 May BSEC Ministerial Conference   confirmed speech by Prof. A. Kideys, Executive Director, Permanent Secretariat ">Link >>
28-28 May AIS Meeting, , Istanbul  confirmed  
26-26 May Independence Day, Georgia   confirmed  
25-25 May progress meeting of the ur-EMODnet preparatory actions, Copenhagen, Denmark confirmed  
20-21 May 3rd European Maritime Day Stakeholder Conference, , Gijon, Spain  confirmed Link >>
20-21 May ICEF conference on Global Environmental Governance, , Rome, Italy, Crimea Scientific Center confirmed  
19-20 May ICEF Conference on INTERNATIONAL GOVERNANCE FOR THE ENVIRONMENT, , Rome, Italy  confirmed Link >>
17-21 May 3rd Plenary meeting of the EU research project UBSS-Upgrade Black Sea Scene, , Limassol, Cyprus confirmed Link >>
13-14 May Black Sea 2nd Oil and Gas Summit (BSOGS 2010), , Istanbul, Turkey  confirmed Link >>
11-14 May CMarZ Steering Group meeting   tentative  
10-14 May CIESM Congress, , Venice, Italy  confirmed Link >>
9-9 May Victory Day, Russia   confirmed  
3-8 May ENVIROGRIDS General Assembly, , Tulcae, Romania  confirmed Link >>
30-30 Apr MONINFO Coordination meeting for Turkey, , Istanbul  confirmed  
29-30 Apr 41st Ramsar Standing Committee Meeting, , Kobuleti, Georgia  confirmed  
29-30 Apr Meeting with Turkish officials for satellite images from EMSA, , Istanbul  tentative  
28-28 Apr Regional Seas Conventions Coordination meeting, Brussels, Belgium, Avenue de Beaulieu 5, ROOM BU5 4/53 confirmed  
26-26 Apr BLACK SEA REGION IN THE EU POLICIES, , Burgas, Bulgaria  confirmed  
21-21 Apr Marine Board Spring 2010 Plenary   confirmed  
12-15 Apr FP7 PEGASO Kick Off Meeting, , Venice, Italy  tentative Link >>
7-9 Apr Black Sea MOU Meeting, , Istanbul, Turkey  confirmed Link >>
6-6 Apr NGO KASTOB Meeting on Friends of the Black Sea, , Istanbul, Turkey  confirmed  
2-2 Apr EMODNET Meeting, , Paris, France  confirmed  
24-27 Mar Governance of the Mediterranean Sea: Meeting the Needs of the Future Today, , Florence, Italy  confirmed Link >>
22-22 Mar GEF Portfolio Evaluation meeting , , Ankara, Turkey  confirmed  
16-16 Mar Marine Board-ESF WG MPAs: KICK OFF MEETING , , Brussels  confirmed  
8-8 Mar Consultation for the Ministerial Meeting of 16th March 2010 in Brussels , , Ankara, Turkey   confirmed  
22-27 Feb ACCOBAMS Regional Workshop, , Istanbul, Turkey  tentative Link >>
15-16 Feb RAMSAR Black Sea Initiative   tentative Link >>
11-11 Feb EMSA Intersecretariat Meeting, Istanbul, Turkey  tentative  
9-9 Feb DABLAS meeting, , Brussels, Belgium  tentative  
19-21 Jan 22nd Regular BSC Meeting (2 days), , Istanbul, Turkey  confirmed Link >>
15-15 Jan Meeting with TUBITAK and UMA for MONINFO/RDIP, , Gebze, Kocaeli  tentative  
14-16 Jan 2nd Advisory Board Meeting for the MONINFO Project, , Brussels, Belgium  postponed  
11-13 Jan Sixth Meeting of ACCOBAMS Scientific Committe, Casablanca, Morocco  confirmed Link >>
7-8 Jan PEGASO (EC-FP7) Meeting    confirmed  
24-25 Dec Christmas Day (Bulgaria, Georgia, Romania, Russian Federation, Ukraine)   confirmed  
10-11 Dec The 12th ICPDR Ordinary Meeting, , Vienna, Austria  tentative Link >>
7-7 Dec FP/7 KnowSeas Advisory Group Meeting, , Brussels, Belgium  tentative Link >>
7-8 Dec Euro Argo - Black Sea Meeting , Varna confirmed Link >>
1-3 Dec 4th International Conference “Earth from Space – The Most Effective Solutions, , Moscow, Russia  confirmed Link >>
26-30 Nov Kurban Bayram Holiday, , Istanbul, Turkey  confirmed  
23-27 Nov EMODNET 2nd Meeting, , Oostende or Copenhagen  tentative Link >>
23-24 Nov ICZM AG Meeting, , Istanbul, Turkey  tentative  
18-20 Nov FOMLR AG meeting and Rapana Workshop, , Istanbul, Turkey  confirmed Link >>
17-17 Nov DABLAS Task Force Meeting , , Brussels, Belgium  tentative Link >>
12-13 Nov The 6th Regional SAR Conference, , Batumi, Georgia  confirmed Link >>
5-6 Nov ESAS AG Meeting,, Istanbul, Turkey  confirmed  
2-4 Nov 2nd Workshop of Upgrade Black Sea SCENE, , Bucharest, Romania  confirmed Link >>
30-31 Oct Black Sea Action Day, , Samsun, Turkey  confirmed  
28-29 Oct ECBSea wrap-up conference , , Ä°stanbul, Turkey  tentative Link >>
28-28 Oct 4th CTG meeting , , Lisbon, Portuqal  tentative Link >>
28-29 Oct Republic Day Holiday   confirmed  
22-23 Oct Protected Areas of the Crimea. Theory, Practice and Future of Nature Conservation in the Region of the Black Sea Basin, ,Simferopol, Ukraine  confirmed Link >>
15-16 Oct LBS AG Meeting, Istanbul, Turkey  confirmed  
14-16 Oct Envirogrids First Work Package Leaders meeting , , Prag  confirmed  
5-8 Oct 11th Global Meeting of the Regional Seas , , Bangkok, Thailand  confirmed Link >>
30-30 Sep MyOcean CUG Meeting, , Athens, Greece  confirmed  
28-29 Sep CBD AG Meeting, , Istanbul, Turkey  confirmed  
24-25 Sep PMA AG Meeting, , Istanbul, Turkey  confirmed  
23-25 Sep Eleventh Meeting of the Response Group (HELCOM RESPONSE 11/2009), , Stockholm, Sweden  tentative Link >>
19-22 Sep Ramazan Bayram Holiday, , Istanbul, Turkey  tentative  
16-17 Sep The Value of our Marine Environment (as an official event of the Swedish EU Presidency of the European Council), , Stockholm, Sweden   confirmed Link >>
15-16 Sep ODIN BlackSea Steering Group Meeting, , Oostende, Belgium  confirmed Link >>
9-10 Sep Meeting of Government-designated experts on Shared Environmental Information and Monitoring System (SEIMS) , , Ashgabad, Turkmenistan  confirmed  
6-13 Sep Partnerships For Sustainable Development Seminar   confirmed Link >>
30-30 Aug Victory Day Holiday, , Istanbul, Turkey  tentative  
26-27 Aug RODELTA 2009 Regional Excercise, , Constanza, Romania  confirmed  
9-10 Jul 11th IOC/UNESCO-IUCN-NOAA Consultative Meeting on Large Marine Ecosystems (LMEs), , Paris, France  confirmed  
7-9 Jul Black Sea Port State Control Committee (PSCC10) Meeting , , Novorossiysk, Russia  tentative  
2-3 Jul WORKSHOP ON THE KEY PRINCIPLES FOR MSP and Joint meeting between the European Regional Seas , , Azores, Portuqal  tentative  
29-30 Jun 2nd ICPDR Stakeholder Forum on the draft Danube River Basin Management Plan, , Bratislava, Slovakia  confirmed Link >>
22-24 Jun UNEP-MAP Mediterranean CLimate Meeting, , Cairo, Egypt  tentative  
15-19 Jun 9th INTERNATIONAL MULTIDISCIPLINARY SCIENTIFIC GEO-CONFERENCE & EXPO , , Albena, Varna, Bulgaria  confirmed Link >>
4-4 Jun EMODNET kick-off meeting, , Brussels, Belgium  confirmed Link >>
3-6 Jun CIESM International Workshop, , Trabzon, Turkey  confirmed Link >>
3-8 Jun ACCOBAMS RAC/SPA Focal Points Meeting , , Istanbul  confirmed  
1-3 Jun International Conference on Biodiversity Informatics, , London  confirmed Link >>
27-28 May CASPINFO Meeting , , Baku, Azerbaijan  confirmed Link >>
27-28 May 2nd RODELTA planning Meeting , , Ä°zmir, Turkey  tentative  
25-26 May GEF Second National Dialogue , , Ankara, Turkey  tentative  
14-15 May 7th ICPDR Standing Working Group Meeting, , Bratislava, Slovak Republic  confirmed Link >>
12-14 May Interspill 2009, , Marseille, France  confirmed Link >>
11-15 May World Ocean Conference 2009 (WOC’09), , Manado, Indonesia  confirmed Link >>
27-30 Apr ENVIROGRIDS FP7 Project Kick-off Meeting , , Geneva, Switzerland  tentative  
26-28 Apr Conference on EU biodiversity Policy Beyond 2010, , Athens, Greece  confirmed Link >>
24-24 Apr Environmental Collaboration in the Black Sea - The EuropeAID Project 3rd SC Meeting , , Istanbul, Turkey  tentative Link >>
23-24 Apr Workshop on Key Principles for Maritime Spatial Planning, - Ispra, Italy, JRC confirmed  
23-23 Apr National Sovereignty and Children Day   confirmed  
15-17 Apr Ministerial Meeting/Diplomatic Conference, , Sofia, Bulgaria  confirmed Link >>
6-8 Apr Black Sea Scene Project Kick off meeting, , Istanbul, Turkey  confirmed Link >>
26-26 Mar HERMES Deep Sea Workshop, , Brussels, Belgium  confirmed Link >>
17-17 Mar International Conference on "Cooperation on Environmental Protection for Sustainable Development in the Black Sea and Caspian" within the framework of Fifth World Water Forum, , Istanbul, Turkey  confirmed Link >>
16-22 Mar World Water Forum, , Istanbul, Turkey  confirmed Link >>
16-16 Mar PROMOTE Project Workshop,, Nice, France, ACRI-SACRI-ST, Sophia-Antipolis FR confirmed  
12-13 Mar Conference on water and climate change adaptation , , Brussels, Belgium  confirmed Link >>
9-14 Mar OPRC Level 3 workshop, , Romania  tentative Link >>
2-4 Mar 23rd Conference of the European Cetacean Society, , Istanbul, Turkey  confirmed Link >>
26-27 Feb NGO Platform with regard to the Convention on the Protection of the Black Sea against Pollution and the Regional Ministerial Conference, , Kiev, Ukraine  confirmed Link >>
26-26 Feb KICK-OFF CONFERENCE ON MARITIME SPATIAL PLANNING, Brussels, Belgium  confirmed Link >>
20-20 Feb Expert Workshop for the Black Sea Box education kit, , Istanbul, Turkey  confirmed  
9-10 Feb 20th Regular BSC Meeting, , Istanbul, Turkey  confirmed Link >>
26-26 Jan 5th Inter-Secretariat Meeting , , Lisbon, Portuqal  confirmed Link >>
25-30 Jan ASLO Aquatic Sciences Meeting, , Nice, France  confirmed Link >>
23-23 Jan TUBITAK - Bonus Regional Meeting, , Istanbul, Turkey  tentative Link >>
19-21 Jan CaspInfo FP7 Project Kick off Meeting, , Baku, Azerbaijan  tentative Link >>
15-16 Jan Expert Meeting for HQ and Priviliges & Immunities Agreements , , BSC Premises, Istanbul, Turkey  confirmed Link >>
12-13 Jan TUBITAK - Bonus Preparatory Meeting, , Ankara, Turkey  confirmed Link >>
15-16 Dec Mnemiopsis Database Meeting, , Istanbul, Turkey  confirmed  
15-17 Dec IMO Workshop on London Convention, , Baku, Azerbaijan  confirmed Link >>
10-11 Dec ICPDR Ordinary Meeting, , Vienna, Austria  confirmed Link >>
9-11 Dec 2012 marine targets: European marine strategy and issues in the High seas, , Brest, France  confirmed Link >>
8-11 Dec Kurban Bayram Holiday, , Turkey  confirmed  
5-5 Dec GEF/UNDP Nutrient Reduction Kick-off/Steering Committee Meeting   confirmed Link >>
3-3 Dec EGEMP Meeting, , Lisbon, Portuqal  confirmed Link >>
1-1 Dec EuropeAid Project Workshop on MPAs   tentative  
27-28 Nov LBS AG, , Istanbul, Turkey  confirmed  
26-27 Nov BSC Commission Meeting (postponed to 9-10 Feb 2009), , Istanbul -TURKEY  postponed  
25-27 Nov 10th Global Meeting of the regional Seas , , Guayaquil, Ecuador  confirmed  
17-21 Nov SESAME General Assembly and Advisory Board Meeting, , Palma de Majorca, Spain  confirmed Link >>
17-17 Nov The Europe AID Project: Environmental Collaboration for the Black Sea (ECBSea), , Brussels, Belgium  confirmed Link >>
13-14 Nov FOMLR Meeting, ,Istanbul-TURKEY  confirmed  
10-11 Nov EMSA Ballast Water Management Workshop , , Lisbon, Portuqal  confirmed Link >>
10-12 Nov Conference of the Parties to the Framework Convention for the Protection of the Marine Environment of the Caspian Sea, , Tehran, Iran  confirmed Link >>
6-7 Nov ESAS Advisory Meeting, , Istanbul-TURKEY  confirmed  
31-31 Oct Meeting of Contracting Parties (postponed tentatively to 8-9 April 2009)   postponed  
29-29 Oct Republic Day Holiday, , Turkey  confirmed  
28-30 Oct Black Sea Action Day - 2008 (NGO Conference postponed to January 2009), , Kiev, Ukraine  tentative  
28-29 Oct DABLAS Meeting, , Kiev, Ukraine  confirmed Link >>
23-24 Oct ASCABOS Meeting, , Istanbul-TURKEY  confirmed Link >>
22-24 Oct LBS Advisory Group Meeting (postponed to 27th Nov), , Istanbul-TURKEY  postponed  
14-18 Oct Second International ICM Conference and BSC AG ICZM Meeting, , Akyaka, Turkey  confirmed  
13-14 Oct Black Sea SAR Conference, , Ankara, Turkey  confirmed Link >>
9-9 Oct PMA Advisory Meeting, , Sofia-Bulgaria  confirmed  
7-8 Oct 19th Extraordinary Meeting of the Black Sea Commission, , Sofia, Bulgaria, Park Hotel, Sofia confirmed Link >>
6-9 Oct BS HOT, , Sofia, Bulgaria, Park-Hotel Moskva confirmed Link >>
2-3 Oct Maritime Safety & Maritime SAR Black Sea Conference 2008, Varna-Bulgaria  confirmed Link >>
1-2 Oct Ramazan Bayram Holiday, Turkey  confirmed  
29-30 Sep Ramazan Bayram Holiday, Turkey  confirmed  
24-24 Sep BONUS ERANET Meeting, Varna, Bulgaria, St. Constantine and Elena complex confirmed  
24-24 Sep European Seas Environmental Cooperation - ESEC , , Brussels-Belgium  confirmed  
18-19 Sep Fomlr Advisory Group Meeting, , Istanbul-TURKEY (Postponed)  postponed  
16-17 Sep CTG Meeting-3rd Meeting of the Consultative Technical Group for Pollution Preparedness and Response-EMSA, , Lisbon/Portugal  confirmed  
15-16 Sep Expert Meeting on finalization of Ministerial Meeting Documents, Kiev, Ukraine  confirmed  
4-5 Sep CBD Advisory Group Meeting, , Odesa, Ukraine  confirmed  
30-30 Aug Victory Day, , Turkey  confirmed  
1-1 Jul EuropeAid Project Workshop on MPAs   tentative  
24-26 Jun OSCE Env meeting, Odessa, Ukraine  confirmed  
16-17 Jun CEMTPP Marine Transport Meeting, Istanbul, Turkey  confirmed  
15-24 Jun Seminar Series:Partnerships for Sustainable Development, Istanbul, Turkey  confirmed  
15-24 Jun Seminar Series: Partnerships for Sustainable Development: Sustainable Public Policies and Business Practices for Black Sea Countries , Istanbul confirmed Link >>
12-15 Jun 4th International Conference on the Ecological Protection of the Planet Earth  , KTU/Trabzon confirmed  
10-10 Jun UN-DALOS 9th Meeting   tentative  
4-6 Jun Maritime Satellite Surveillance Forum, Ispra, Italy, Gavirate confirmed  
19-21 May ESPOO Convention Ministerial Meeting, Bucharest, Romania  confirmed  
19-20 May OSCE Meeting on Maritime Transport and Environment, Prag/Czech Republic  confirmed  
19-20 May Towards a Harmonised Approach in Dispersants usage in the EU, Lisbon/Portugal  confirmed  
19-19 May Youth Festival, Turkey  confirmed  
15-18 May B.E.N.A Conference, Constanta, Romania  confirmed  
15-17 May 2008 Workshop on Surveying the ACCOBAMS Area, Monaco  confirmed  
14-14 May Revised SAP2008 finalization, Istanbul, Turkey, Maslak confirmed  
12-13 May LBSA Meeting, Istanbul, Turkey, Maslsak. Ministry of Environment and Forestry confirmed Link >>
23-23 Apr Children Festival, Turkey  confirmed  
17-19 Apr 1st International Artificial Reef Workshop, Г‡anakkale, Turkey   confirmed  
16-18 Apr Black Sea SCENE Project Meeting, Odessa, Ukraine  confirmed  
14-15 Apr EuropeAid Workshop on MPAs jointly with BSC CBD AG, Odessa, Ukraine  confirmed  
14-14 Mar 4th Inter-Secretariat EMSA, Regional Agreements, DG Env. Meeting, Helsinki, Finland, HELCOM Headquarters confirmed  
14-15 Feb BSERP Final Seminar, Istanbul, Turkey, Swiss Hotel confirmed  
12-13 Feb 18th Extraordinary Commissioners Meeting, Istanbul, Turkey, Swiss Hotel confirmed  
7-8 Feb World Water Forum Preparation Meeting, Istanbul, Turkey, Libadiye confirmed  
5-7 Feb Pilot IMO model course on HNS marine pollution , Lisbon, Portuqal, EMSA confirmed  
28-29 Jan 16th OSCE Economic and Environmental Forum - Maritime and inland waterways co-operation in the OSCE area: Increasing security and protecting the environment, Vienna, Austria, OSCE Headquarters confirmed  
25-30 Jan ASLO Aquatic Sciences Meeting 2009, Nice, France  confirmed Link >>
9-10 Jan SAFE project Conference, Istanbul, Turkey, Grand Cevair Hotel confirmed  
7-7 Jan Christmas (Orthodox calendar, Russia, Ukraine, etc.)   confirmed  
24-25 Dec Christmas   confirmed  
20-24 Dec Kurban Bayram Holidays   confirmed  
1-1 Jan none   confirmed  


2 Mar 2015

The International Conference on Water and Health will be held in the Antalya Congress Center (Turkey) 26 - 30 October 2015. The Conference is organized by the Ministry of Health in collaboration with the Karadeniz Technical University and Cukurova University. / /