The Commission on the Protection of the Black Sea Against Pollution

Permanent Secretariat


Programme and funds availability for the period 2002-2004

The activities proposed below, for the first implementation period (2002-2204), were worked out taking into account the provisions of ACCOBAMS and the priorities adopted within the Strategic Action Plan of the Bucharest Convention and approved by the Contracting Parties to ACCOBAMS. Their actual implementation will be subject to funds availability.


Estimated budget

Other sources


Elaboration of the Black Sea directory of national authorities, research and rescue centres, and non-governmental organisations dealing with cetaceans

Products: Electronic-format directory that can be installed on website and printed


6 months

Code of conduct for strandings of live cetaceans

Product: Code of conduct


18 months

Workshop on interaction with fishing

Products: Technical documentation



24 months

Cetacean Survey in the Black Sea

Product: Report on the cetacean populations in the Black Sea, including the results of the assignment


Technical assistance and information gathering in countries

Product: 2 missions per year, contact with the concerned bodies, information-gathering, awareness


The units internal expenses (communications, staff, participation at ACCOBAMS meetings, etc.)



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