The Commission on the Protection of the Black Sea Against Pollution

Permanent Secretariat




Position Title: Executive Director

Category: Professional Staff A3

Place of Work: Istanbul, Turkey

Duration: 4 years

Main Duties and Responsibilities

  • supervising the management of the Secretariat; ensuring day to day efficiency of the Secretariat; preparing and submitting bi-annually report on the operations and the activities of the Secretariat;
  • supervising the management of fiscal resources of the Secretariat ensuring the efficiency and timely allocation of funds preparing and submitting to the Commission annual account of the financial period;
  • prepare and submit to a regular meeting of the Commission a draft budget for the following financial period and estimate draft budget for the financial period following thereafter;
  • assisting the Chairman of the Black Sea Commission in performance of his/her duties;
  • issue the invitations to the meetings of the Commission, as provided in Rule 3;
  • prepare the provisional agenda for the meetings of the Commission with the Chairman and transmit it, and to the extent possible, the necessary working documents, to all Contracting Parties as provided in Rule 4;
  • make all necessary arrangements, including secretarial assistance, for the meetings of the Commission, and Committees, working Groups and other subsidiary bodies;
  • perform all functions assigned to him/her by the Convention, its relevant bodies and/or its associated documents
  • prepare reports in accordance with the Financial Rules of the Commission;
  • prepare reports in accordance with Paragraph 3 of Rule 9 of these Rules of Procedure and, perform such other functions that are necessary for the administration of the Convention and other tasks entrusted to him/her by the Commission;
  • ensure a continual flow of information among all Contracting Parties;

Skills and Experience Required;

  • university degree;
  • distinguished professional background;
  • diplomatic and negotiating skills;
  • at least ten years experience in environmental management; good knowledge of English both written and spoken;
  • familiarity with Black Sea environment.


Position title: Officer

Category: A1-A3

Place of Work: Istanbul

Duration: 3 years

Main Duties and Responsibilities

  • maintain a record of all on-going scientific activities especially monitoring related ones performed by the Contracting Parties;
  • propose and organize common monitoring programmes and exchange of information and scientific date in this field in order to verify of implementation of land Based Sources and Dumping protocols of the Convention;
  • coordinate the cooperation among the specialised Committees, working groups or subsidiary bodies of the Convention related to pollution assessment and/or monitoring;
  • compiling and editing regular reports of the Black Sea State;
  • maintain close collaboration with the Routine and Special Monitoring Activity Centers of GEF Project and other relevant international organizations and bodies;
  • initiate and coordinate the activity of collaboration of common environmental standards for the Black Sea;
  • coordinate the activity of collaboration and implementation quality insurance programmes.

Skills and Experience Required

  • university degree;
  • at least ten years experience in marine environment pollution assessment and monitoring;
  • experience in leading and/or coordinating marine monitoring programmes at the national level; good knowledge of English both in written and spoken.


Position Title: Officer

Category: A1 - A3

Place of Work: Istanbul

Duration: 3 years

Main Duties and Responsibilities

  • cooperate with Emergency Response Activity Center in elaborating common contingency plans in order to enable interventions in large accidents or international waters;
  • maintain reports of dumping permits issued by the competent national authorities of Black Sea States as stipulated in Article 3 of Dumping Protocol;
  • organize the receiving evaluating and transmitting to all Black Sea States the reports about the existence of any emergency situations (Article 6 Emergency Protocol);
  • initiate and coordinate common research programs to create specialized equipment for emergency situation;

maintain close collaboration with the Emergency Response Activity Center of GEE Project and other relevant international organizations and bodies.

Skills and Experience Required

  • technical university degree;
  • at least five years experience in oil spill effects, clean-up techniques, spill response planning and operation management;
  • good results in elaboration of contingency plan at the national level;
  • good knowledge of English both in written and spoken.




PLACE OF WORK: Istanbul / Turkey



  • recording, maintaining and updating inventory of the physical properties of the Secretariat;
  • ensuring timely payment for goods and services acquired by the Secretariat;
  • recording invoices, bills of lading and packing slips, maintaining bookkeeping;
  • keeping records of the bank account(s) of the Secretariat, ascertaining that the transactions are made properly and the relevant documentation provided and required;
  • carrying out and keeping record of monthly payments made to the personnel;
  • ensuring at all times that there is enough liquidity for the payment of the day to day expenses of the Secretariat and its personnel;
  • purchasing of stationary goods for the Secretariat keeping inventory and replenishing them as required;
  • keeping the Secretariats expenditure within the limits of allocated funds of the Secretariat’s budget preparing and submitting annual report for the financial situation of the Secretariat;
  • preparing the draft budget proposal and submitting it to the Executive Director so that it can be finalised and submitted by the Executive Director to the annual meeting of the Commission.


  • at least 5 years of experience as an accountant;
  • ability to use and to improve database systems for keeping records;
  • good command of Turkish and English language.


POSITION TITLE: Secretary / Typist

PLACE OF WORK: Istanbul / Turkey



  • acting as a secretary for the Executive Director or other officials carrying out all secretarial duties taking notes and dictation, filtering telephone calls, taking messages, arranging meetings, answering inquiries, typing, revising and processing the correspondence as well as maintaining the filing system;
  • contributing the preparation of the secretarial documents;
  • assisting organizational activities.


  • previous secretarial experience;
  • experience with word processing software and office automation;
  • good knowledge of English language would be able to draft communication in English knowledge of Russian and/or Turkish is an advantage.


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