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Marine Litter in the Black Sea Region



Marine Litter Report Authors

Black Sea Regional Consultant on Marine Litter

Alexei Birkun, Jr.

Deputy director on science

Involved in ML research since 2002

Brema Laboratory,

Gagarin Str. 9a-18, 95028, Simferopol Ukraine

Tel.: +380 652 253503

Fax: +380 652 522792

National Consultants on Marine Litter

Alexei Atudorei

Head of Environmental Engineering Department

Ph.D. on Anaerobic Solid and Liquid Waste Treatment; President of the Romanian National Standardization Committee for Waste and Sludge Characterization; Scientific Secretary of the Romanian Association for Solid Waste Management (ARS); member of ISWA; in 2000-2004 was involved in preparation of the National Strategy and National Plan for Waste Management

National Research and Development Institute for Environmental Protection (INCDPM–ICIM), Splaiul Independentei 294, sector 6, 060031, Bucharest 78, Romania

Tel.: +40 21 3182057/ext. 160

 +40 21 2201056 (direct)

Fax: +40 21 3182001

Tamar Gamgebeli

Chief specialist of the Water Protection Department

Participated in data collection for garbage management in Batumi and Poti within the ICZM Programme

Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources,

Guramishvili Str. 5a, 0192, Tbilisi, Georgia

Tel.: +995 32 612204

Suna Gurler Dedeoglu

Landscape Architect

 Istanbul, Turkey

Natalia Movchan

Principal consultant of the Ecological Committee of the Parliament of Ukraine

Participated in the preparation of the Ukrainian environmental legislation

Parliament of Ukraine,

Grushevsky Str. 5, 01008, Kyiv, Ukraine

Tel.: +380 44 2552286

Fax: +380 44 2552272

Atanaska Nikolova

External consultant

Participated in the elaboration of methodology for monitoring of ML pollution and preparation of the Guidelines for beach operators for sustainable management of the beaches, the Waste management strategies for the Port of Bourgas and Bourgas Municipality; took part in monitoring and analysis of litter pollution on Bulgarian beaches

Basin Directorate for the Black Sea Region,

Sheinovo Str. 24, 8000 Bourgas, Bulgria

Tel.: +359 56 847225

Fax: +359 56 847226

(The late) Erdogan Okus


Involved in ML research since 2001

Institute of Marine Science and Management, University of Istanbul, Muskule Sok. No.1, 34470, Vefa/Istanbul, Turkey

Tel.: +90 212 5196788

Fax: +90 212 5268433


Yuriy Yurenko

Head of the Marine Department

Aerovisual surveying of ML in 2003-2005

Centre on Hydrometeorology and Environment Monitoring of the Black and Azov Seas, Plastunskaya Street 100-84, 354003, Sochi, Russia

Tel.: +7 8622 319264

Fax: +7 8622 614342