The Commission on the Protection of the Black Sea Against Pollution

Permanent Secretariat

Annual BSC Work Programme 2019/2020

I. General Coordination

No Area of Work Activity Participants Responsible Entities Output Deadline Estimated cost, in $ (shall be revised based on budget approval)
 BSC Budget Other contributions Notes
1 Financial and office management Maintenance of the office and financial management system as well as further development of the general administrative practices of the secretariat Members of  BSC and BSC PS BSC PS, BS countries, Turkey (Chairmanship) Office fully operational continuous
Finalization and adoption of the Commission’s internal documents Members of  BSC and BSC PS Final documents submitted to the BSC 2020
2 Integration  of Black Sea projects in the work of the Black Sea Commission Participation in meetings and seminars of regional projects and/or dissemination of project results to end-users (EMBLAS+, ANEMONE, EMODNet, DEVOTES, BlackSea4Fish, BS MARSPLAN, etc.) BSC PS, Consortia of projects BSC PS Participation in Advisory Boards, meeting records, data, Project deliverables dissemination, input of relevant deliverables/data into BSC Information System, uploads on the BSC webpage, social networks Until finalization of projects Supported by the relevant projects
3 Implementation of the relevant projects and sustainability of its outcomes EMBLAS+, ANEMONE, Marine Litter MED, BlackSea4Fish projects, others Project deliverables Project budgets for 2019-2020
4 Operation of the Black Sea Information System (BSIS) and GIS Development of BSIS on-line nourishing of the data base, GIS PMA Regional Activity Centre (RAC), BSC PS, BS network PMA RAC, BSC PS BSIS (including GIS interface) is operational continuous EMBLAS+
5 Black Sea Integrated Monitoring and Assessment Programme (BSIMAP 2017-2022) Implementation and possible revision BSC PS, AGs, RACs, experts BSC PS Report on implementation BSIMAP submitted to BSC for adoption and possible development 2019-2020
6 Coordination of the Black Sea Institutional and Expert Network, enhancing cooperation with the scientific community Expert network sustained:  work with expert groups on issues that require in depth studies and attraction of wider scientific expertise; establishment of discussion fora, databases (new components of BSIS), contact lists, etc. Expert pools, BSC PS etc. BSC PS Minutes of meetings, presentations, reports where available, publications/papers, check-lists, data, manuals continuous relevant projects
7 Expanding cooperation with international organizations and NGOs of relevance through joint activities or shared expertise Further strengthening of cooperation with EC DGs, ICPDR, BS MoU on PSC, ACCOBAMS, BSEC, UNEP, UNDP, OSPAR, MEDPOL, HELCOM, UNEP/MAP, REMPEC, Tehran Convention, IMO, EMSA, EEA, IAEA, GFCM, UNOOSA, CBD Convention Secretariat, ICES, OSPRI, UNIGE etc.  BSC, BSC PS, organizations mentioned BSC PS Proceedings of meetings with participation of BSC representatives, conferences; presentations; increased visibility of the BSC continuous
8 Raising awareness of the activities of the BSC, increasing visibility of BSC activities Representing the BSC at relevant meetings, conferences, workshops and other fora, giving presentations, delivering lectures, reports, cooperation with NGOs, etc.  Continuous
9 Implementation of the MoU between the BSC and ICPDR Reporting in line with reporting format of the BSC to ICPDR (Annexed to BSIMAP 2017-2022) BSC, BSC PS, ICPDR BSC PS Data sets, Reports 2019-2020annually
Exchange reports, coordinate assessments, further develop indicators
Meetings of Black Sea –Danube Joint Technical Working Group (JTWG) BSC PS, ICPDR Meeting documents, minutes annually
10 Implementation of the MoU between the BSC and EEA Indicators development BSC PS, EEA, AGs BSC PS List of indicators, methodologies adopted/developed continuous
Investigate the possibility of ensuring the regular flow of data/information between the two institutions Data/assessments exchange continuous
11 Implementation of the MoU between the BSC and ACCOBAMS Performing the functions of ACCOBAMS Sub-regional Coordinating Unit BSC, ACCOBAMS Secretariat, expert network BSC PS, TUDAV, FOMLR AG, expert network Report(s); presentations continuous
Promote the designation of the MPAs eligible for cetaceans in the Black Sea BSC PS, TUDAV, FOMLR AG, CBD AG, expert network MPAs network for cetaceans continuous
Adopt the draft Conservation Plan for Black Sea Cetaceans BSC PS Conservation Plan for Black Sea Cetaceans adopted 2019-2020
Update and adapt for the needs of the Black Sea Red Data Book the existing IUCN description for BS subspecies of cetaceans BS Red Data Book (RDB) – cetacean section 2020
12 Implementation of MoU between the BSC and GFCM Coordinate assessment of the marine living resources in the Black Sea; further development of fishery indicators;participation in meetings BSC PS, GFCM Secretariat,FOMLR AG, GFCM/Black Sea Working Group (BSWG) BSC PS, GFCM Secretariat List of indicators, methodologies adopted/developed, reports Continuous
Elaboration of the joint work programme to implement the MoU BSC PS, GFCM Secretariat,FOMLR AG, GFCM/BSWG BSC PS, GFCM Secretariat Joint work-programme adopted 2020
Coordination of work between FOMLR AG and GFCM BSWG, contribution to BSWG annual meeting BSC PS, FOMLR AG, GFCM/BSWG BSC PS, FOMLR AG, BSWG List of indicators, methodologies adopted/developed, reports continuous
13 Cooperation with BS MoU on PSC Exchange of data, expertise BSC, BS PSC MoU  Secretariat BSC PS Data, reports continuous
14 Cooperation with PABSEC Support towards ratification of documents BSC PS, PABSEC Secretariat BSC PS Ratified documents continuous
15 Involvement of the private sector and NGOs in the implementation of the BS SAP and Regional Contingency Plan (RCP) Enhancing cooperation BSC, Waste Free Oceans (WFO), OSPRI and others BSC PS Meeting minutes, presentations continuous
16 Update of BSC documents (BSC Staff Regulations, etc.) Amendments elaboration BSC, BSC PS BSC PS Agreed amendments 2020
17 Operative management Meetings of the AGs of the BSC, Expert Workshops BSC, BSC PS, AGs BSC PSBSC PS, hosting country Minutes of Meetings and other documents, presentations, national reports, Declaration/Decisions 2019-2020
Regular meeting of the Black Sea Commission
Extraordinary Meeting(s) of the Black Sea Commission On request
Ministerial Conference On request
18 BSC Web page Further improvement of the BSC Web page BSC PS BSC PS Improved Web Page continuous

II. Policy Actions

N Area  of  Work Activity Participants Responsible Entities Output Deadline Estimated cost
BSC Budget Other contributions
EcoQO 1: Preserve commercial marine living resourcesEcoQO 1a: Sustainable use of commercial fish stocks and other marine living resources.
EcoQO 1b: Restore/rehabilitate stocks of commercial marine living resources.
1. BS living resources management Elaboration of harmonized methodologies for stock assessment of pelagic and demersal species FOMLR and CBD AGs; Expert pools BSC PS Adopted methodology for stock assessment of pelagic species;harmonized methodology for demersal species 2020
Regulations development Updated information on-min admissible fish length(see Annex 4 as a priority); -mesh size for fishing gears (trawls, purseine, gill nets for target species), list of permitted gears 2020
Conversion factors development (data collected to produce them) for fish length differences Conversion factors for harmonization of stock assessments 2020
Preparation of new projects focusing on demersal species FOMLR AG BSC PS, FOMLR AG Projects prepared and funding sources identified 2020
2. FOMLR component in BSIMAP and BSIS, indicators Further development of fisheries indicators in the Black Sea, data collection FOMLR AG BSC PS, FOMLR AG Annual FOMLR report annually
3. Promotion of Ecosystem Based Management BlackSea4Fish Project, other Project activities AGs, BS scientists BSC PS Projects deliverables 2020 Projects budgets
4. Combating non-precautionary fishing technologies, illegal fishing Collection of data/information FOMLR AG BSC PS Improved information on illegal fishing, including dredging and bottom trawling,areas uncovered by legislation (for each species in Annex 4 of the CBD Protocol) continuous
EcoQO2: Conservation of Black Sea Biodiversity and Habitats
EcoQO 2a: Reduce the risk of extinction of threatened species.EcoQO 2b: Conserve coastal and marine habitats and landscapes.EcoQO 2c: Reduce and manage human mediated species introductions
5. Biodiversity protection and conservation Continuation of the work on habitats classification  and mapping BSC PS, CBD and FOMLR AGs, others (BlackSea4Fish, EMBLAS+ projects) etc. BSC PS, CBD and FOMLR AGs Maps, updated list of habitats of Black Sea importance continuous
Facilitate the designation of MPAs and EBSA sites in the region, pursue development of related pilot projects,  Regional MPA Guidelines BSC PS, BSC, relevant authorities of the Black Sea states List of recommended Coastal/Marine Protected Areas, EBSA sites, Networking,Adopted regional Guidelines continuous
Red Data Book Update BSC PS, CBD AG, FOMLR AG Updated BS Red Data Book 2020
Check Lists: BS species, non-native speciesCooperation with CBD Convention Secretariat (Montreal) on description of Ecologically and Biologically Significant Marine Areas (EBSA process) BSC PS, CBD and FOMLR AGs Updated check-listsEstablishment of EBSA sites for the Black Sea, regional workshops materials and presentations continuous
6. Introduction of non-native species National reporting on non-native species CBD AG, experts BSC PS, CBD AG Reports continuous
Supporting regional activities related to studies of invasive species, Mnemiopsis leidyi and others Scientific team dealing with regional Mnemiopsis leidyi Data Base and studies of jellies Scientific team, BSC PS, EMBLAS+ Project Guideline developed continuous
Cooperation with International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES) Working Group on Introductions and Transfers of Marine Organisms (WGITMO) BSC PS, CBD AG, WGITMO BSC PS, CBD AG AquaNIS database’ records updated and information quality check implemented continuous
Joint activities with IMO and Caspian Sea on Compliance, Monitoring and Enforcement tools  for the implementation of Ballast Water Convention Experts BSC PS, IMO Capacity built, workshop documents 2020 IMO
7. Conservation of the Black Sea cetaceans Enhancing Black Sea Cetacean stranding and by-catch networks; support regional activities on cetaceans BSC PS, ACCOBAMS, AGs, BS scientific network etc. BSC PS Report(s), materials of workshop continuous
Introduction of “Cetaceans conservation” modules in the existing postgraduate programs, workshops for teachers and PhD students BSC PS, ACCOBAMS, scientific community BSC PS Workshop materials, reports, presentations, Module uploaded on BSC webpage 2020
Adoption of the Conservation Plan for Black Sea Cetaceans 2019-2024 BSC PS, CBD and FOMLR AGs, ACCOBAMS etc. BSC PS Plan adopted Continuous
Red Data Book – cetaceans component; update and adapt for the Black Sea RDB  needs the existing IUCN description for the Black Sea subspecies BSC PS, CCBD and FOMLR AGs, ACCOBAMS, Black Sea scientific network BSC PS, ACCOBAMS BS Red Data Book – cetaceans component 2020
8 CBD component in BSIMAP and BSIS, Indicator-based reporting Biological indicators further development, data collection BSC PS, CBD AGs, expert’ pool BSC PS, CBD AG List of indicators, methodologies, Annual report of the CBD AG continuous
9. Harmonization practices in biodiversity assessments Further development of the manuals for biological monitoring BSC PS, CBD and FOMLR AGs, experts BSC PS Published manuals on the BSC web page 2020
Promotion of the biological manuals at the BSC level for adoption BSC PS, EMBLAS and MISIS project’ consortia etc. BSC PS Manuals for biological monitoring published on BSC web page with ISBN numbers 2020
10. BS Red Data Book (RDB) Workshop with IUCN to be considered upon funding availability for finalizing the BS RDB CBD AG, experts, IUCN BSC PS Workshop organized, methodology for assessment of species conservation status presented to the BS experts 2020
Finalization of the BS RDB CBD AG, FOMLR AG, experts BSC PS BS Red Data Book 2020
EcoQO 3: Reduce eutrophication
11. Work on the environmental quality objectives and target values, common understanding of ‘Good Environmental Status’ (GES) Causal chain analyses (updated knowledge on pressures/impacts correlations), environmental quality objectives, target values BSC PS, AGs, PMA RAC, EMBLAS, Project, expert pool BSC PS, PMA RAC Environment target valuesCommon classification scheme for water quality /GES assessments continuous
Testing of proposed methodologies
12. Harmonization of methods, standards, guidelines Harmonization process PMA RAC, IAEA, BSC PS Proposals for update of standards continuous
Analyses of data divergences due to methodological differences
13. Implementation of EMBLAS+ project Development of compliance indicators for indicator-based reporting under Bucharest ConventionWQ/GES Classification MethodologyContribution to the Joint Survey Methodology Further development of the BSIS componentsDissemination of results EMBLAS+ project consortium, BSC PS, experts BSC PS Project’s deliverables 2020 EMBLAS+ budget
14. Implementation and improvement of BSIMAP 2017-2022, Quality Assurance/Quality Control QUASIMEME: QA/QC for laboratories reporting to BSIMAP and financed from BSC budget (including contamination of biota, TPH and PAHs) Nominated laboratories from the Black Sea coastal states BSC PS Reports on inter-comparison exercises, recommendations for improvement of methods applied etc. Continuous
IAEA inter-comparison exercises and proficiency tests
15. BSIS, PMA component Further development of indicator-based reporting on trends using EEA and HELCOM experience PMA AG, PMA RAC, BSC PS etc. BSC PS Improved data flow and management of data, PMA AG annual report, recommendations, project reports etc. continuous
Data collection, quality checks. Improved reporting and management of data
Operational data base, development of data products needed by the end-user community
16. Marine Litter prevention Promote ML monitoring, collection of data; marine litter to be included in the monitoring programmes Cooperation under SSFA negotiated between the BSC PS and UNEP-MAP under Marine Litter MED Project PMA and LBS AGs, BSC PSBSC PS, BSC, AGs, UNEP, scientific community, NGOs etc. BSC PS, PMA and LBS AGsBSC PS Collected data/information; recommendations Monitoring Program for Marine Litter in the Black Sea Region; Marine Litter Regional Action Plan for Black Sea continuous
17. Assessment of bathing water quality Workshop of bathing waters experts (back to back with PMA AG meeting); improvement of the regular reporting to the BSC on bathing water quality BSC PS, PMA AG, relevant authorities of the BS countries BSC PS, PMA AG Data, reports continuous
EcoQO 4: Ensure Good Water Quality for Human Health, Recreational Use and Aquatic Biota.  
                EcoQO 4a: Reduce pollutants originating from land based sources, including atmospheric emissions.
18. Assessment of measured pollution inputs (municipal, industrial and riverine) Finalization of “Hot Spots” criteria and guidelines for including and excluding of sources of pollution from the regional list of Hot Spots BSC PS, AGs, BS countries LBS AG and LBS RAC Finalized and adopted Hot Spot guidelines 2020
Further update of the list of hot spots for the Black Sea based on agreed criteria. Designation of new Hot Spots based on the adopted procedures and criteria (based on outcomes of Hot Spot Project) BSC, LBS AG and LBS RAC Updated BS Hot Spot List continuous
Harmonization of rivers monitoring strategies in the region, calculation of loads  BSC, BSC PS, LBS AG and LBS RAC Agreed methodologies continuous
19. LBS Pollution Control Facilitate the enforcement of the LBSA Protocol BS countries BSC Protocol in force and being enforced continuous
Improvement of BSIMAP and BSIS LBS component LBS AG BSC PS Improved data flow continuous
Addressing diffuse sources of pollution in the Black Sea BSC PS, ICPDR, BS states LBS AG and LBS RAC, BSC PS Progress Report (availability of data for running the models) continuous
Recommendations on EIA in transboundary aspect BSC PS Agreed Recommendations 2020
Indicator-based reporting on pressures BSC PS, EEA Annual report LBS annually
EcoQO 4: Ensure Good Water Quality for Human Health, Recreational Use and Aquatic Biota.      
            EcoQO 4b: Reduce pollutants originating from shipping activities and offshore installations
22. Implementation of the BS Regional Contingency Plan (RCP) Adoption of the amendments to BS RCP by BS countries ESAS AG, BS states Black Sea countries RCP operational Until adoption
Black Sea ALPHA exercises BSC PS, Black Sea countries Report on Alpha exercise annually
BS BRAVO Exercises Black Sea countries Report on BRAVO exercises April August, December every year
BS-DELTA ESAS AG, BS states, invited observers Report on DELTA exercise 2020
Maintenance and update of the operational information for the implementation of the Contingency Plan BSC PS, ESAS AG Updated Annexes continuous
Environmentally Sensitive Areas (ESA) maps update (Annex II of the RCP) RACs, BSC AGs Updated ESA maps continuous
23. Monitoring and information systems for reducing oil pollution Development of new project to support the regional activities on the identified needs (oil spills, illegal discharges, others) BSC PS, ESAS AG Project 2020
24. Enhancing the cooperation with international organizations (IMO, EMSA) IMO Ballast Water Management (BWM) Convention signing process IMO, BSC PS, ESAS AG, SAR Authorities BSC PS Meetings, reports, improved reporting; identify actions & road map for BWM ratification and implementation in the BS region, Guidelines for BWM continuous
Inter-Secretariat meetings of regional agreements with EMSA BSC PS 2020
Meeting documents
Joint activities with Caspian Sea on the implementation of BWM Convention IMO, BSC PS, ESAS AG BSC PS Project documentation, reports 2020 IMO Budget
25. BSIMAP and BSIS, ESAS component Collection of data/information ESAS AG, BSC PS BSC PS ESAS Annual report Annually
Indicator-based reporting
Emissions from ships and offshore installations, places of refuge
Sustainable Human Development, ICZM , Public awareness
26. Implementation of ICZM principles and enhancing cooperation and awareness Further development and testing of progress markers for ICZM, work with stakeholders ICZM AG, BSC PS ICZM AG, BSC PS Meeting Docs, Progress markers, Recommendations continuous
27. Sustainability of PEGASO project deliverables ICZM Guidelines ICZM AG, ICZM RAC, Published ICZM Guidelines for the Black Sea 2020
Statistical and spatial ICZM indicators List of ICZM indicators to assess the state of the coast 2020
28. Enhancing public awareness of the regional and national activities in implementation of the Bucharest Convention, its Protocols and BS SAP. Facilitate wider public participation in the Black Sea environment protection Maintenance of the public section of the BSC website and social networks BSC PS, scientific community, NGOs, industries, public etc. BSC PS as per activity continuous, as per activity
Publish newsletter Saving the Black Sea
International Black Sea Day jointly with other related institutions or projects Report on activities
29. Organization of the 5th Black Sea Conference Conference organized BSC PS, scientific community BSC PS Conference report; papers published 2020 Sponsors
30. Preparation of the BS SAP Implementation (SAPIR) reports Drafting of SAPIR Report BSC PS, , BSC BSC PS Draft SAPIR prepared, adopted and published 2019 Sponsors


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