The Commission on the Protection of the Black Sea Against Pollution

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Activity Centers

The Convention on the Protection of the Black Sea Against Pollution defines the role and functions of the Activity Centers as, inter alia, supporting to the activities of the Black Sea Commission. The Black Sea Strategic Action Plan 1996 further elaborates on this and defines the Advisory Groups/Activity Centers in the seven strategic sectors of the BSAP. The Strategic Action Plan for the Environmental Protection and Rehabilitation of the Black Sea 2009, adopted at the Ministerial Meeting/Diplomatic Conference in Sofia, Bulgaria, 17 April 2009, elaborates on the further increase of their role efficiency.

Activity Centers Name

Definition in BSSAP 1996

Activity Centers Institutional and Scientific Capacity

AC ESAS Environmental and Safety Aspects of Shipping, Varna Bulgaria

AC PMA Polllution Monitoring and Assessment, Odessa, Ukraine

AC LBS Control of Pollution from Land Based Sources, Istanbul, Turkey

AC ICZM Development of Common Methodologies for Integrated Coastal Zone Management, Krassnodar, Russian Federation

AC CBD Conservation of Biological Diversity, Batumi, Georgia

AC FOMLR Environmental Aspects of Fisheries and Other Marine Living Resources, Constanta, Romania

AC IDM Information and Data Management, Permanent Secretariat, Istanbul, Turkey